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14 January 2020 3452 reads

Wiley adopted the RDA FAIRsharing registry output

Wiley is a research publisher and we love what we do. Because we love the curiosity of researchers that sparks questions. Those questions lead to discoveries. Leading to solutions to challenges we all face.  We at Wiley connect that work that researchers do with inventors and innovators. We help turning new knowledge that researchers create into progress to change the world. RDA helps Wiley make open research publishing easier for researchers like the work of the Scholarly Link Exchange Working Group, the FAIRsharing Registry Working Group and the Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group

Chris Graf  - Director, Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics at Wiley

Interview with Chris Graf from Wiley

During the RDA 14th Plenary meeting in Helsinki in October 2019, the RDA interviewed Chris Graf, Director Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics at Wiley. In the interview Graf told the story of how RDA’s work on data sharing policies helps Wiley extend the requirement for data availability statements to journals.


Watch  the video and discover what the impact of this adoption case is on Wiley’s work: 




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