Embedding Research Data Management plans in ethics approval and funding application processes

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22 May 2020 2443 reads

Haplo adopted the RDA Common Standard for Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans 

Our clients view Haplo as the home of research for their institution, it's where their researchers and research community are used to log in to manage their research. As such the Research Data Management Plans fits naturally in the Haplo ecosystem, and could be the linchpin between the different parts of the Haplo modules and different parts of the organisation. Our institution is interested in embedding RDM plans within existing ethics approval or funding application processes, then being able to retrieve that information within Haplo and have the system automatically notify them, when datasets start being produced from their research. 


Tom Renner –  Haplo

Interview with Tom Renner from Haplo

During the IDCC 2020 meeting in Dublin in February 2020, the RDA interviewed Tom Renner – Lead developer repository offering at Haplo.  In the interview Renner told the Haplo adoption story of the RDA DMP Common Standard for Machine-actionable Data Management Plans where he explains the adoption process, the benefits and the lessons learned.  



Watch the video and discover what the impact of this adoption case is on the Haplo's work:



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