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Thursday 23rd May

Welcome to the final day of VP22! Today we wrap up two-weeks of discussion, networking, and collaboration with the global RDA community and beyond. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have! Not to be missed today:

Stay tuned to this blog or our social media pages (X and LinkedIn) for regular updates on today’s sessions.

Co-located Event: WorldFAIR – The journey so far and next steps (Session 2)

The second WorldFAIR session of the week is focusing on one of the key outputs of WorldFAIR: the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF) But what is the CDIF?

FIPs and FERs

Now under discussion – FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs) and FAIR Enabling Resources’ (FERs). FIPs are a methodology, developed by GO FAIR, through which a research community expresses its practices and decisions around FAIR. The approach involves a series of questions on how the community makes data and metadata FAIR and what ‘FAIR Enabling Resources’ (FERs) are used.

We don’t just need to know if a community is making their data FAIR, but how they are doing it.

Simon Hodson, CODATA

The WorldFAIR project is exploring FIPs with their 11 case studies and has created recommendations for their wiser use.

WorldFAIR Recommendations – soon to be released in a final report.

Breakout Session 17

We have reached the final Breakout Session of VP22! As well as three repeat sessions, the Data Granularity WG has been waiting patiently to share their final WG outputs and their relevance across the RDA community.

Closing Session – ‘Initiatives and challenges of research data in Latin America’

The Closing Session of the 22nd, fully virtual RDA Plenary begins with a big – THANK YOU. From RDA Secretary General, Hilary Hanahoe to:

  • All of our group chairs, session speakers and organisers,
  • the RDA Secretariat, those working at RDA’s regional offices (RDA Europe, RDA US), and everyone else who contributed to the organisation of this year’s event,
  • and you, our attendees, for joining us and making the discussions so vibrant.

In the Closing Session we are hearing from key players in Latin America on the Open Science and Research Data Management activities and stakeholders in the region. Speakers included:

  • Andrea Mora (LA Referencia)
  • Lautaro Matas (LA Referencia)
  • Washington Segundo (IBICT Brasil)
  • Claudia Cordova (Concytec Peru)
  • Juan Maldini (ANII Uruguay)
  • Patricia Muñoz (ANID Chile)

Thank you to today’s speakers from our Closing Session, ‘Initiatives and challenges of research data in Latin America’.  It was wonderful to see attendance from so many individuals from the region, hear about the activities taking place.

We also learned what we have to look forward to at the 23rd RDA Plenary Meeting taking place 12 – 14 November 2024 in Costa Rica, organised by CONARE and hosted at Universidade de Costa Rica.  On that note, we are excited to announce the launch of the new RDA Espanol workplace/Slack channel and encourage our Spanish speaking community members to join and participate!

VP22 in Numbers

The 22nd #RDAPlenary in numbers! Over the last two weeks, we saw:

  • 86 Breakout Sessions
  • 511 global participants from
  • 47 different countries
  • 34 Whova community discussion topics

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and made VP22 a success! We can’t wait to see you again at the 23rd RDA Plenary in Cost Rica.