Data Trust Network Governance and Sustainability

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04 Aug 2020

Data Trust Network Governance and Sustainability

Submitted by Christina Drummond

Meeting objectives: 

This BoF session aims to gather and increase knowledge sharing among the individuals who are exploring or managing community-governed data lakes or data trusts to increase data access and usability across diverse data provider partners.  Rather than discussing issues of trust in data generally or the TRUST principles specifically, discussions in this session aim to bring together those exploring sustainability and governance models for interconnected data federations and coalitions so they can learn from each other, identify shared challenges and explore areas for collabortion.  

During the session, participants will share information about:

  • existing efforts across disciplines and scholarly communication use-cases, 

  • current network-leadership challenges, including those specific to community-oriented governance and sustainability, repository interoperability, and TRUST principle implementation, and

  • Data trust network research needs and ongoing research that could be leveraged.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will consider whether an RDA IG could help address current challenges and research needs. 


Meeting agenda: 


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This interactive session aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and build connections among data trust efforts. Agenda items include: 

  1. Information Sharing via Introductions: What is your interest and experience in developing, governing, or sustaining data lakes and/or data trust efforts for networks of data providers?

  2. Interactive Brainstorm and Discussion: What challenges has your effort faced during the: a) developing, b) launching, and c) sustaining phases of managing your trusted network? 

  3. Interactive Brainstorm and Discussion: Are there any efforts or teams that have successfully navigated these network development challenges? Who could offer insights?  

  4. Interactive Brainstorm, Discussion, Prioritization: Are there common needs that should be considered for collaborative efforts among data lakes or data trust networks? Which would have the most impact? 

  5. Poll: Are participants interested in moving forward with some of these issues in an RDA IG? 

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

Data trusts have emerged as network-oriented organizational structures for diverse data providers to address data stewardship at economies of scale across public and private sectors. Pilot trusts provide an opportunity to examine the efficacy of these structures as: 1) “metrics aggregators” capable of addressing shortcomings such as as those noted by the RDA’s Data Usage Metrics Working Group, 2) coordination bodies progressing TRUST principles through shared process, policy, and infrastructure, and 3) a means to manage data interoperability dynamics in a particular domain. 

Christina Drummond, Program Officer for the pilot Open Access eBook Usage (OAeBU) Data Trust project (, with experience as a contributor to the Smart Columbus transportation data trust ( joins Cameron Neylon, Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI) ( PI and OAeBU Data Trust co-PI, in inviting other data trust representatives to join them to share operational and sustainability challenges and lessons learned while piloting, scaling, and sustaining operations for system-level impacts.  

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Meeting presenters: 
Christina Drummond - Educopia Institute, OA eBook Usage Data Trust, Cameron Neylon - Curtin University, Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative / OA eBook Usage Data Trust
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