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13 Nov 2023

McGill Data Anonymization Workshop Series recordings & presentations are now available

Dear colleagues, 

The McGill Data Anonymization Workshop Series, organized by the McGill Digital Research Services Hub (DRS), was a great success with 1180+ attendees from all over the world participating to upskill their knowledge in data anonymization/de-identification in both quantitaive and qualitative data.

09 Apr 2015

A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg-Cross, Jeffery, and Moore)

:The Data Fabric Interest Group (DFIG) has gotten off to a rapid start with a draft white paper, acquisition of use cases, and presentations at Plenaries.  Alternate views of the Data Fabric scope and purpose are now starting to emerge.  Three of us (Berg-Cross, Keith Jeffery, and Reagan Moore) thought that some alternate views might be outlined and offered for discussion. The intent of this paper is present some ideas on these views and to promote discussion of them within the community.  So comments are welcome.