Data Properties as Economic Goods and Data Markets

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25 Jun 2019
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Meeting objectives: 
  1. Continue discussion from the Interest Group meeting from RDA 13 Plenary and from the BoF on Data as Economic goods at RDA12 Plenary, with focus on the  Interest Group charter and planned deliverables
  2. Review progress on the commitments by the group members on the basic documents to be produced by the IG, in particular, information document on overview/analysis of business models for research data and commoditised data trading and exchange, related data properties
  3. Review ongoing related activites  and identify set of other possible deliverables, create team of volunteers to work on the IG deliverables
  4. Discuss updated Charter of the proposed IG on Data Economics
  5. Identify key actions to further research topics and coordination actions, in particular link between data econimics, data monetisation and data quality management
  6. Gather and unite individuals interested in defining set of properties (and indicators) that are related to data as economic goods
Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


Time: 24th October 2019 09:00 - 10:30 (2nd day of RDA Plenary)

Location: Room: Undergraduate Center - U119 (Deloitte); Remote Access will be available


1. Introduction around the room

2. Goals of the sessions and summary of activites since the last meeting at RDA13

3. Activities overvew (presentations from the European, US and worldwide projects and initiatives)

3.1-3.4. Update on the activities, initiatives and projects  by University of Amsterdam, Drexel University, International Data Space Association, BDVA, National initiatives.

3.5 Ad hoc presentations from audience

4. Open discussion and review of IG-charter 

4.1 IG Charter outputs, commitments, action items, liaisons 

4.2. Discussion Draft structure IG information document

4.3. IG activity and communication between RDA plenaries.

5. Summary and AOB

Target Audience: 

The target audience is wide but primariy focused on the data producers, data handlers, data applications developers, and data management policy developers.

It also targets industry that is recognising needs for reliable secure and trusted data exchange, trading and monetisations. 

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The IG-DE meeting at RDA14 will continue building on the interest from the community and entusiasm of the researchers and practotioners working with research data, industrial data and  data exchnage infrastructure. The IG also plans to benefit from the recent Horizon 2020 call on emerging data markets that will create few strong research centers in Europe on topics related to data  markets and data economics. 

Emerging data driven technologies and economy facilitate interest to making data a new economic value (data commoditisation) and consequently identification of the new properties of data as economic goods. Creating consistent and workable models for data exchange and commoditisation is critical to facilitating research data usage, creation of new value added data driven services bringing additional resources to research organisations. Consistent data pricing and data markets models are equally important for government funded and sponsored research, open data and governmental data. A number of examples from industry demonstrate practical interest to facilitate and obtain value from data exchange, interoperability, and adopting common architectures for data markets.

As part of this trend, existing business models of paid or commercial data(sets) services such as archives are based rather on services subscription fee. Quality of datasets in many cases is assessed by independent certification body or based on peer review by expert. This type of model is useful for specific use cases, although this does not provide a consistent model to make data an economic goods and enable data commoditisation. Another key factor is growing interest in making the best use of research data resulted in formulation of the FAIR (Findable – Accessible – Interoperable – Reusable) data principles, which are widely supported by industry and business.

The  IG meeting will address issues related to data commoditisation, first of all definition of properties that will make effective data exchange and trading.


Short Group Status: 

The IG-DE is still in the process of updating Charter based on the TAB comments (to be finialise in advance to RDA14 Plenary, during July 2019).

Major focus of the comments is better expressing and defining economical aspects. Involving economist researchers (ongoing)

At the same time the IG-DE continues consolidating intersted community and individuals that are interested and able to contribute to the group's activties and deliverables.

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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