Data policy standardisation and implementation IG meeting

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27 Jun 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

We will present and seek feedback on a research data policy framework for all journals and publishers, the first completed output of our Interest Group, which was published as a preprint in June 2019. We will discuss and define implementation and adoption plans by scholarly publishers, societies and other stakeholders, and report on the experience of journals that are adopting or have adopted the framework. We aim to further engage with publishers and journals, in particular with industry associations, to promote implementation and adoption of standard research data policies - and planning these initiatives in ways that enables measurement and analysis of the impact of policies. Eefke Smit of the STM Association will be our guest speaker to further our objectives for industry collaboration and adoption.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes: 

  1. Update on the IG and its activities to date (Natasha Simons, Iain Hrynaszkiewicz or Rebecca Grant)
  2. Presentation of the Research data policy framework for all journals and publishers (Iain Hrynaszkiewicz)
  3. Implementation - early adopter(s) feedback/report (Iain Hrynaszkiewicz or Rebecca Grant)
  4. Adoption and outreach - collaboration with industry associations (Eefke Smit, STM Association)
  5. Outreach opportunities, follow-up activities (Open discussion)
Target Audience: 

Journal editors, publishers, scholarly society representastives and other stakeholders in scholarly communication and scholalrly infrastructure are the primary audience of this meeting. Librarians and research support staff, as well as funding bodies and researchers (authors of journal articles) are also very welcome.

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More journals and publishers - and funding agencies and institutions - are introducing research data policies. But as the prevalence of policies increases, there is potential to confuse researchers and support staff with numerous or conflicting policy requirements. Our Interest Group has defined 14 features of journal research data policies and arranged these into a set of six standard policy types or tiers, which can be adopted by journals and publishers to promote data sharing in a way that encourages good practice and is appropriate for their audience’s perceived needs. Policy features include coverage of topics such as data citation, data repositories, data availability statements, data standards and formats, and peer review of research data. These policy features and types have been created by reviewing the policies of multiple scholarly publishers, which collectively publish more than 10,000 journals, and through discussions and consensus building with multiple stakeholders in research data policy via this Interest Group. Implementation guidelines for the standard research data policies for journals and publishers have been documented, along with template policy texts which can be implemented by journals in their Information for Authors and publishing workflows. Our priority now is implementation, adoption and socialisation of this framework, and call for collaboration across the scholarly publishing and wider research community to drive further implementation and adoption of consistent research data policies. Our group remains open to collaboration on achieving future objectives, such as funder policy standardisation.


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Working meeting
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