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14 Jun 2018

Do You Know Any Domain Repositories That Would Be Willing/Able to Share Data Management Plans?

Hi All,

I am interested in analyzing Data Management Plans but need to get access to enough of them to actually identify trends. I was wondering if anyone in this group could recommend to me any domain repositories that you think would be willing/able to share Data Management Plans that they collect from researchers who actually deposit data to them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

All Best Wishes,

Devan Ray Donaldson

Assistant Professor

School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Indiana University Bloomington

20 Sep 2015

Related work on data lifecycle phases from formulation to exploitation

The attached file is a cut down version of a document being produced by the group which wrote OAIS (ISO 14721) - all the boiler-plate text has been removed.

The aim of the document is to

"define a framework for gathering information throughout the information lifecycle, from the proposal to the long-term re-use of the resulting information, focusing on the activities needed at each stage which will help to ensure that the data can be optimally exploited over the long term

This is very relevant for the ADMP aims.

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