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13 Dec 2018

Recommendation on PID Kernel Information

Global middleware infrastructure is insufficient for robust data identification, discovery, and use. While infrastructure is emerging within sub-ecosystems such as the DOI ecosystem of services purposed for data and literature objects (i.e., DataCite, CHORUS, CrossRef), in general the layers of abstraction that have made the Internet so easy to build on, is lacking for data especially for computer (machine) automated services.

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01 Mar 2018

Addressing the Gaps: Recommendations for Supporting the Long Tail of Research Data

The “Long Tail of Research Data Interest Group” has been assessing the situation of long tail data over the last three years, and urges the broader community to consider the risks and opportunities related to long-tail data. This document provides seven recommendations for a variety of stakeholders, including governments, funders, research institutions and researchers to help improve the current approach to managing long tail data. We call on the community to work together to create necessary and sufficient conditions to ensure we are able to properly steward these valuable research outputs for future generations of researchers.

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