Data Fabric IG Spinoff Session - RDA 9th Plenary BoF meeting

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Meeting title

BoF on Remaining PID Challenges

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

DFIG is very active in a number of areas and the suggested BoF will extend the discussions about recommendations based on concrete communit requests. All interactions and documents will be made visible under the DFIG Recommendations sub-page.
• Discussing various aspects of making data creation and re-use in labs much more efficient 
• Discussing essential components to be used in data fabrics and stimulating specifications and implementations
• Discussing and initiating work on concrete testbeds and offering a platform for discussing configurations of components
• Aggregating assertions about components and topic areas and coming to broadly supported recommendations
• Building bridges to other groups working on similar issues

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

see DFIG sub-page:

Meeting objectives

At the meeting of the Group of European Data Experts (delegates from 45 major research infrastructures) the discussion about the PID topic area revealed that in fact everyone agrees to register Handles and DOI to assign PIDs with Digital Objects. However the different scientific communities deal with a number of concrete issues that need to be solved such as:
• How granular should these assignments be?
• How can building collections help and how to build them?
• How to do versioning using PIDs?
• How to use PIDs as binding entities?
• Which MD should be associated with PIDs and which not?
• Etc.

It was suggested to organise a BoF and invite everyone who has experience to this BoF. 
This BoF should be the first of the DFIG sessions, since it may of consequences to the other sessions.

This meeting should be the first one of the DFIG sessions - at least before the Core Session

Meeting agenda

Presentation of the issues (a paperis currently being prepared and will be distributed coming week)
• Discuss solutions and practices
• Identify agreements and disagreements


Everyone who is interested in discussing such concrete issues of PID usage is welcome. There will be no basic explanations of what a PID, Handle or DOI is.

Group chair serving as contact person: Peter Wittenburg, Tobias Weigel

Type of meeting: Working meeting


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