Data Discovery Paradigms IG: Reports from Task Forces and Way Ahead

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25 Jun 2019
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 
  1. To inform all members and interested parties of progress made regarding Data Discovery
  2. Inform and discuss progress for the Metadata Enrichment TF
  3. Inform and discuss progress for the Data Granularity TF
  4. Explore future directions for the IG, solicit new members to join leadership

Collaborative session notes:​​​​​​

Meeting agenda: 


  • Short introduction of the group’s objective, progress and ongoing activities 
  • Presentation and discussion of how to progress the metadata enrichment TF
    • This may include using a machine learning tool to infer subject heading from a vocabulary, and discuss how to evaluate and set up a test collection for such a purpose. 
  • Report on progress from the data granularity TF
    1. Presentation of activities so far
    2. Breakout sessions: a group can choose a role of  Data Seeker (User) or  Data Curators (Providers),  identify user scenarios and granularity issues from different perspectives
    3. Report back
    4. Wrap-up, next actions for the TF
  • Discuss possible collaborations with other IG/WGs
  • DIscuss additional topics for new Task Forces or Working Groups
  • Wrap-up, next actions for the group
Target Audience: 

Anyone who is interested in data discoverability. In this session, we will discuss two specific questions:

  1. Would metadata enrichment (in particular, subject headings) improve data discoverability?
  2. What level of granularity do data seekers search for and how data managers and data repositories organise and present their metadata in a way to support data discovery at different levels of granularity?

Anyone who has experience and are interested in the questions are more than welcome to participate and contribute. 

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The objective of this IG is to provide a forum where representatives from across the spectrum of stakeholders and roles pertaining to data search can work together to identify, study and make recommendations concerning issues related to improving data discovery. The goal is to produce concrete deliverables that will be recognized and valued by the research community. 

This group was officially endorsed at RDA P9. The group started with four task forces that were voted most interested topics from members, namely:

  1. Best practices for making data findable  (completed)
  2. Relevancy ranking (completed)
  3. Use cases, prototyping tools and test collections (completed)
  4. Metadata enrichment (ongoing)

By P11, the group has delivered two recommendations and one survey report:

(Please contact us if anyone or any organisation is interested in adopting or further the work as described in the recommendations and the survey report.) 

After the P11, the group started two new task forces:

  1. Using for research dataset discovery (This task force is in the process of setting up itself as a working group. Please sign up to the working group if you would like to contribute and be informed of future work).
  2. Data/Metadata granularity
Short Group Status: 

The DDPIG has been established and endorsed as an IG during P9. It started four task forces around target data discovery topics soon after P9. All task forces actively explored their topics, and reported progress and preliminary outputs at consequent plenaries. At P11, the first three task forces were officially closed, and a discussion on new Task Forces took place, focusing during P12 primarily on and Granularity. After P13, a proposal for a Research Schemas WG was submitted and is currently under consideration.

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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