Data Commons Principles and Practices

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25 Feb 2022

Data Commons Principles and Practices

Submitted by Dawei Lin

Meeting objectives: 

Data commons that address communities' data needs and benefit from the collective value in data face a complex array of expectations. These demands cover a wide range of topics, ranging from governance and sustainability, through process and systems characteristics, to the scope and nature of service and infrastructure provision.

Without a high-level architecture endorsed by community consensus, the data commons will form new silos and limit the potential of aligning data resources with community expectations, as expressed in sets of principles such as FAIR, TRUST, and CARE.

Fortunately, communities have developed principles, best practices, and specifications to learn from lessons of building data commons in the past decade. This BOF will initiate a dialogue among data commons developers, operators, and users, as well as standard developers to solicit community input to leverage previous work to define overarching frameworks and use them to guide building and operating data commons.   The goal of the meeting is to explore the possibility to form an Interest Group on the topic.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


1. Welcome and Overview, Dawei Lin (5 minutes)

2. The Specturm of Data Commons, Robert Grossman (10 minutes)

3. Principles in Invement, Growth, and Sustainability for Data Commons, Jill Barnholz-Sloan (10 minutes) 

4. From Principles to Implementation, Wim Hugo (5 minutes)

5. Global Open Research Commons, Andrew Treloar (5 minutes) 

6. Open discussions (20 minutes)

7. Close and next steps (5 minutes) 

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

This is a new initiative. 

BoF chair serving as contact person: 
Meeting presenters: 
Robert Grossman (University of Chicago, US), Wim Hugo (DANS, Netherland), Dawei Lin (NIH, US)
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Driven by RDA Organisational Member: 
Applicable Pathways: 
FAIR, CARE, TRUST - Adoption, Implementation, and Deployment
Data Infrastructures and Environments - Regional or Disciplinary
Data Infrastructures and Environments - International