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23 Jan 2014

New Case Statement for RDA WG Data citation: Making Dynamic Data Citeable

Dear all,


The revised version of the Case Statement of our WG is ready for distribution, as attached to this email. It has also been uploaded to the RDA File repository at

We would appreciate any comments, clarifications, etc. towards the activities of our WG as well as potential pilots.

best regards,
Andreas Rauber
Ari Asmi
Dieter Van Uytvanck

18 Sep 2013

Collaboration Environments

Use Cases: As agreed during the break-out session we would like to collect further use cases as a bases to discuss and validate the approaches proposed for enabling precise citation of arbitrary subsets of dynamic data.
To contribute a use-case, please use the template provided below (please COPY the template before you fill it, so that the ones coming after you also have a template from which to start)

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