Data Citation Metadata Elements - RDA 10th Plenary BoF meeting

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24 June 2017 1107 reads

Meeting title

Outstanding Metadata Issues Affecting Data Citation Accuracy

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

While the data citation community generally supports agreed-upon guidelines for best practices in data citation, there remain a number of sticking points, related to individual citation metadata elements, on which stakeholders disagree or have not yet made a formal determination. The variable nature of data citation metadata impedes efforts to properly credit data creators, including data/literature linking and consistent, accurate citable records for data objects.

The Data Citation Metadata Elements BoF session aims to map opinions and emerging consensus with respect to data publication dates, data embargo issues, data object versioning, data publisher identification, and other difficult metadata issues of interest to the community. We are open to collaboration with RDA WGs that may benefit from the results of this session, including the Data Citation WG and Software Citation IG. 

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Meeting objectives

The objectives of the meeting are
• Presentation/identification of metadata details not addressed by data citation best practice recommendations
• Assessment of current practice and outlook based upon attendee feedback

Meeting agenda

1. Presentation of known issues contributing to data citation/matching issues (Megan Force, Nigel Robinson) 20 minutes
2. Panel discussion/request for comment on individual metadata element issues (Varsha Khodiyar [Springer Nature], Fiona Murphy [Dryad], MF & NR) 20 minutes
3. Request/identify/discuss further issues  (all participants) 10 minutes
4. Wrap-up discussion of where consensus opinion does and does not exist, gauge interest in continued discussion (MF & NR) 10 minutes


We invite research data publishers and repositories, data and metadata curators, entities such as journal publishers interested in data/literature linking, as well as stakeholders interested in the topic of research data citation and credit to the discussion. To prepare, a familiarity with current community best practice recommendations is helpful; attendees are encouraged to contribute additional citation concerns regarding bibliographic metadata elements.

Group chair serving as contact person: Megan Force

Type of meeting: Informative meeting


Session Room: Mansfield 6

Session Time:  Wednesday 20 September, Breakout 4, 11:00 - 12:30

Collaborative session notes:


Session slides and materials: