Data Citation: Making Dynamic Data Citable WG Update

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19 August 2013 5003 reads
A number of bilateral meetings have been held since the formation of this group at the first RDA plenary to elaborate the requirements for supporting citation in very large and/or dynamic data settings. The topics were also addressed during a joint workshop DPRMA organized by DASPOS, WF4Ever and TiMBUS projects at JCDL in Indianapolis in July, with further bilateral meetings scheduled in Cape Town in August, as well as during the RDA Meeting in Munich in September prior to the RDA plenary.
The Case statement is currently being revised to establish explicit cross-links with other aspects of data citation going beyond automated, machine-actionable identification of arbitrary subsets of data.This includes aspects such as attribution, the adoption of specific PID systems, etc. To this end, we are contributing to a newly formed synthesis group coordinated by FORCE11. This group brings together a number of individual from different projects in the field of data citation (including, beyond RDA also CODATA, W3C, DataCite, OpenAire, APARSEN, and others) to create a consensus set of principles.
First prototypes of the envisaged solution are currently being implemented specifically for relational databases and have been presented at DATA2013, with case studies for XML based data and linked open data style repositories under preparation. To this end we are still inviting interested parties to join the working group to propose additional pilots and/or comment on the requirements in different settings and the feasibility and limitations of the envisaged solutions.