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CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science, is a national HPC centre providing supercomputing and networking services to Finnish academia, research institutes, public sector and industry. It supports a European-wide customer base of thousands of researchers in disciplines such as biosciences, linguistics, chemistry and mathematical modelling.

CSC is a non-profit limited company whose shares are fully owned by Finnish state, and governed by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

OA Member Leif Laaksonen
Collaboration Director, CSC — IT Center for Science
RDA Europe Project Coordinator
Dr. Leif Laaksonen is a Director at CSC. He joined CSC in 1985 and was previously Development Manager. Leif Laaksonen is the Project Director for the RDA Europe project. Laaksonen contributed to the startup of FP7 projects PRACE, EGI_DS (European Grid Initiative Design Study) and was the Project Director for the e-IRGSP2 (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme 2) project. He was the Chair of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) 2007 – 2010.
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