Countdown to RDA's Virtual Plenary 18

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22 Oct 2021

Countdown to RDA's Virtual Plenary 18

Dear RDA members,

The weekend is here and Plenary 18 (VP18) is right around the corner (3-11 November).  With the event spanning a couple of weeks and at multiple time zones, we hope you can join us for a few (or more) of the sessions.  Our Plenary Pathways, and the programme itself, categorizes each of the themes/tracks/pathways, so we are sure you will find a session that fits best with your level of interest and expertise.

Most importantly, if you can join us, we encourage you to register now at  The early bird deadline ends 25 October and the event website link will be sent out on 26 October to those who registered before this date to the email used during the Eventbrite or invoice registration.  Note, if you register immediately prior to the event or during the event, it could take up to two hours for your account to activate, so again, register at your earliest convenience.

VP18 will take place within the Whova technology platform, which provides the agenda, attendee information and scheduling functionality.  Individual sessions will be featured and use Zoom meeting technology, which will already be setup within the Whova platform.  

The programme is just about complete and is filled with an array of events.  Some highlights of VP18 include the following:

  • More than 50 Working and Interest group sessions from various phases in their group lifecycles and covering numerous topics

  • Nine Birds of a Feather sessions, which give all members an opportunity to provide feedback on topics not currently being addressed by existing RDA groups and the feasibility on pursuing those topics within the RDA community in the future

  • Five Joint sessions, where multiple groups meet to discuss their progress, compare results and identify potential for collaboration

  • A Plenary session titled “Facilitating active communities of practice to address data challenges”  (3 November)

  • A Panel session titled “Implementing FAIR: Funder policy updates, roadmaps, and next steps” (10 November)

  • A Plenary session titled “Data and Software Sharing: The Role of Societies and Associations” (11 November)

For those new to RDA and not yet made a decision on attending VP18, or not yet an RDA member and thinking about it, consider attending our webinar on 26 October  titled Navigating All Things RDA - Website, Plenaries and more.  This 30-minute overview of RDA will provide you a glimpse of what to expect when joining the RDA community.  

Have a great weekend.


All the best,


RDA Secretariat