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16 Jul 2015

Updates to terms to the DFT Term Tool

In preparation for P6 in Paris we have been updating and adding some terms to our list.  You can see them in our Term Tool (TeD-T).  People are invited to comment on this and add to them or see me canidates of interest.

Here is a partial list of new or editied terms from the last few day:


Partial List or Edited Terms 16 July 2015

25 Jul 2014

Update on progress within the DFT effort

This is just a heads up to WG members that the co-chairs and RDA summer intern Paul Weiss(Univesity of Washington) held a conference call recently to go over progress and schedule for completing activity for P4 in Sept.

We are firming up previous model analysis documents and drafting a long expected synthesis model.  Currently we have a draft process model that is based on interviews with some of the relevant projects.  This is being incorporated into the synthesis.

19 Jun 2014

Operation terms added to Term Tool and are ready for review

As mentioned in a previous email, we have started a new population of the term tool (aka TeD-T) in order to advnce toward the P4 meeting and our WG deliverables.  There are now 22 pages of terms in the Operations category which grew out of the Practical Policy WG interest, the use scenario developed by Reagan Moore and presented at P3 and subsequent discussion with me.