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The new RDA web platform is still being rolled out. Existing RDA members PLEASE REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT using this link: Please report bugs, broken links and provide your feedback using the UserSnap tool on the bottom right corner of each page. Stay updated about the web site milestones at

Acknowledgement of publications

Please help us track RDA-related papers and get a better understanding of RDA WG/IG impact by adding the following text you your RDA-related publications:

This work was developed as part of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) ‘WG/IG’ entitled ‘long name (short name)’, and we acknowledge the support provided by the RDA community and structures”

You can also request for RDA-related papers and other publications to be included in the Research Data Alliance – Related Documents collection in Zenodo. 

RDA Europe 4.0 collection on Zenodo

This collection includes documents that are related to RDA Europe 4.0 activities. Examples could include deliverables and reports and other documents from RDA Europe 4.0 related activities. Official RDA documents can be found in the Research Data Alliance collection on Zenodo.

RDA Endorsement and Logo Usage Guidelines

The RDA Logo and graphic elements are registered trademarks of the Research Data Alliance Foundation. To ensure consistent adherence to RDA Principles, permission is generally required to use the RDA Logo and branding. Permission is granted by the Secretary General (or designee) in consultation with the Council co-chairs. Typically, logo use is granted along with endorsement of a product or activity (see below). Requests to use the logo should be sent to enquiries[at]

RDA in a Nutshell

Updated statistics on the RDA Membership issued on a monthly basis are available here.

PDF icon SAMPLE!! RDA in a Nutshell – July 2019 compressed file2.29 MB

RDA Flyers

The RDA community, its Working and Interest Groups, RDA Recommendations and Outputs, Plenaries, Governance bodies: all RDA key assets and figures at your fingertips

PDF icon The International Data Community contributing to EOSC – Flyer, October 20191.47 MB
PDF icon RDA leaflet – February 202092.22 MB
PDF icon Adoption, from outputs to story. Fyer, March 20202.62 MB

Adoption Stories – the package

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) currently hosts over 60 Interest Groups and more than 30 Working Groups consisting of experts who are working on various topics related to (open) research data and innovation. These working groups produce the RDA outputs: the technical and social infrastructure solutions enabling data sharing, exchange, and interoperability.

For you, to see how to implement the RDA outputs to improve the sharing, exchange and interoperability of your own data, we’ve asked RDA members who have already adopted RDA outputs, to share their experience and lessons learned in a story.

PDF icon Implementing Data Citation on the Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resource Monitoring (EODC)221.33 KB
PDF icon NSD DMP – Enabling long-term preservation and sharing of Research Data247.99 KB
PDF icon Chinese Astronomical Data Centre (CAsDC)202.33 KB
PDF icon Strasbourg astronomical Data Centre CDS (Centre de Données astronomique de Strasbourg)241.4 KB
PDF icon Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Data Access Portal (DAP)252.48 KB
PDF icon Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)242.04 KB
PDF icon Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)380.73 KB
PDF icon Dynamic Data Citation for frequently modifying High Resolution Climate Data350.12 KB
PDF icon Towards Sustainable Research Data Repositories218.67 KB
PDF icon Data standards for Agriculture: INRA adoption of RDA Outputs337.91 KB
PDF icon Improving Citation of evolving data in distributed asynchronous infrastructures348.17 KB

RDA ICT Technical Specifications

RDA ICT Technical Specifications in Europe – July 2018

File rdaeuicttechspecsjune2018_20180627.pptx703.11 KB

Recommendations and Outputs Cards

RDA Recommendations are the official, endorsed results of RDA and considered our “flagship” Outputs.

PDF icon RDA Recommendations & Outputs Cards – September 202214.34 MB
PDF icon RDA Output Cards Spanish Version 20214.28 MB
PDF icon RDA Recommendations & Outputs Cards – March 20209.52 MB
PDF icon Card RDA_September_2020.pdf11.56 MB

Press Releases

PDF icon P14 Press release_October2019.pdf166.69 KB
PDF icon Does data make the difference? P14 Press release – April 2019263.13 KB
PDF icon RDA COVID19 Press Release 30 June 2020 final – June 2020247.14 KB

RDA Videos

The RDA is all about people: watch our videos to feel the real RDA experience!

RDA Powerpoint Template

File RDA_ppt_template_April2020.pptx655.04 KB

Posters and Poster templates

PDF icon RDA & EOSC – Poster 70×100, September 2019970 KB
PDF icon RDA & EOSC – Poster A0, September 20191.02 MB
PDF icon RDA Ambassadors – April 2019615.54 KB
Image icon RDA Adoption – April 2019825.34 KB
Image icon RDA_GenericPoster_June2017.jpg1.74 MB
PDF icon RDA_GenericPoster_June2017.pdf7.34 MB
Package icon RDA_GenericPoster_June2017.eps_.zip8.19 MB
PDF icon RDA & EOSC: key exploitable results520.34 KB
Image icon RDA contributing to the EOSC – poster for the EOSC-hub week 2020919.96 KB
PDF icon RDA Recommendations & Outputs catalogue. Posters, March 20203.32 MB

RDA Roll up banner

PDF icon RDA_Popup_general_2018_October2018.pdf375.03 KB