Invitation to join Frameworks Task Group (Privacy Implications of Research Data IG)

07 Nov 2016

Dear colleagues,
This note is to invite all interested members of the Privacy Implications of Research Data IG to participate in a Frameworks Task Group phone meeting. The Frameworks task group has the opportunity to create a good foundation for the outputs of other groups. We would greatly value your involvement, insight, and contributions to this work!
This task group will develop a framework that explains, at a high level, the precautions that data creators, repositories, aggregators and scientists should use in creating, using, preserving, and providing access to research data. To meet this aim, IG members who met in Denver identified initial activities and outputs. First, we will collect and examine existing codes of ethics and value statements that touch on this issue. The task group will create personas, a design technique, in order to understand stakeholders' needs and interests. Both an examination of existing statements and the persona development will inform the creation of a framework designed to support stakeholders in identifying and responding to privacy issues in research data. You can see our notes and outputs as they are currently defined in the task group notes, which are also linked on the IG wiki.
Please respond to this doodle poll with your availability and we will move forward in scheduling a phone meeting for this task group. This task group is being co-led by Bonnie Tijerina (Data and Society; ***@***.***) and Nora Mattern (University of Pittsburgh; ***@***.***). Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss participation in this task group.
We would appreciate if you would reply to the Doodle Poll by Thursday, November 10.
Best wishes,
Nora Mattern and Bonnie Tijerina

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    Author: Ruth Duerr

    Date: 07 Nov, 2016

    Can you please update the doodle poll to include a time zone? I started filling it out and then realized that I was clueless what timezone the slots were in…
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