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21 Oct 2016
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Folks – I would like to attend this to help with our assessment of vocabulary governance tools. But it is at a bad time for participation from my time-zone. Maybe someone else in the group could sit in and report back?
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Subject: Free Webinar: Data Governance for the Connected Enterprise
FREE WEBINAR: Data Governance for the Connected Enterprise: TopBraid EDG in Action
Join us for a webinar on November 3, 2016 at 11:30 AM EDT.
Too often data governance solutions are limited in scope and can’t connect all of your data sources. They use standalone tools that create yet another data or metadata silo. TopBraid EDG uses a non-proprietary, graph-standards-based, model-driven approach to capturing the meaning of data, which we call semantic information management. This approach is flexible and interoperable and can adapt to changes in the data, metadata and business needs of the organization.
Join us for this webinar to learn how a standards-based approach to data governance supports the diversity and rate of change that define today's complex data ecosystems. We will demonstrate capabilities in TopBraid EDG that let you create and connect assets, including the following:
* Data asset models
* Datatype assets
* Glossaries
* Enterprise asset models/li>
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