small edits to the document

14 Oct 2016

Hi all:
Two edits have been identified over the past month to the Legal
Interoperability Principles and Implementation Guidelines:
1. We need to add "J.Max Wilkinson" in the list of reviewers in the second
paragraph on p. I.
2. On p.11, we need to add a footnote 1 at the end of the first sentence in
the paragraph beginning: "Another feature often noted about CC0 is its
potential incompatibility with moral rights law.(insert footnote 1)"
Footnote 1 is: "1."
If anyone has any further corrections to raise, please do so on the call
today or no later than close of business on Monday, the 17th. We will
publish the final document on Tuesday.

  • Puneet Kishor's picture

    Author: Puneet Kishor

    Date: 14 Oct, 2016

    vis a vis moral rights, I hope the footnote to be inserted is
    Specifically, “The laws of some jurisdictions don’t allow authors and copyright owners to waive all of their own rights, such as moral rights. When the waiver doesn’t work for any reason CC0 acts as a free public license replicating much of intended effect of the waiver, although sometimes even licensing those rights isn’t effective. It varies jurisdiction by jurisdiction. While we can't be certain that all copyright and related rights will indeed be surrendered everywhere, we are confident that CC0 lets you sever the legal ties between you and your work to the greatest extent legally permissible.”
    It gets really old trying to convince folks that using CC0 is indeed possible in Europe in spite of moral rights. The fact is, if I can use a CC license, I can use CC0 for CC0 pretends to be a license in those cases. Note specifically “3. Public License Fallback" at

  • Paul Uhlir's picture

    Author: Paul Uhlir

    Date: 14 Oct, 2016

    Thanks, Puneet. We will use the more detailed URL you provided.

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