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21 Sep 2016
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Dear Sophie,
Thank you for sharing the poster – much appreciated indeed!! It looks very nice and I believe it will be useful to many of us to spread around the seeds of semantics ☺
I am very glad the Agrisemantics WG was well received. Looking forward to continuing on it with you all!
Caterina Caracciolo, PhD
OPCC - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Subject: [rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Poster on semantics for data (ex rice) is available
Dear all,
Back from GODAN summit, I want to thank you all for your contributions in building this poster. I'm sorry that I could not transcribe all your ideas - some where not compatible, some came too late. Schedule was so tight that the agency did not accept my last requests, e.g. it was too late to introduce the input supplier, which I regret.
Anyway, I'm glad to share the final version with you and hope that you'll appreciate. You'll find it in the working groups folder: Use it, print it and share it if you like it! When relevant, please give credit to INRA that funded its realisation.
This work has been the occasion for me to better know some of the group members' specialities and sensibilities. It's been great!
Now, a few words about GODAN, which is a major partner and support of our agriculture related RDA groups. The exhibit booth dedicated to AgroPortal allowed Clement and I to meet many inspiring people from various horizons to share ideas about semantics and data. We also had the chance to present the Agrisemantics initiative and the new RDA working groups that were all received very positively by the attendees.
To finish, I extend a warm welcome to new participants to the Agrisemantics working group, some of which I met in GODAN and the others who perhaps attended the RDA plenary in Denver where the group was also presented in the IGAD session.
Other news about the Agrisemantics WG to come soon...
Kind regards,
Sophie Aubin
INRA - Centre de Versailles-Grignon
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  • Ferdinando Villa's picture

    Author: Ferdinando Villa

    Date: 21 Sep, 2016

    It's an amazing poster Sophie - it says in an instant what I always
    struggle to tell in entire talks! Thanks for the effort.
    cheers, ferdinando

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