Welcome new OA member: Helmholtz Association

13 Sep 2016
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Dear Organisational Assembly (OA) Members,
I'd like to offer a warm welcome to our newest Organisational Assembly
member, the Helmholtz Association [https://www.helmholtz.de/en/], and its
representative, Hans Pfeiffenberger. We're happy to have you, and look
forward to working with you.
On behalf of the OAB,
Amy Nurnberger

  • Kevin Ashley's picture

    Author: Kevin Ashley

    Date: 13 Sep, 2016

    Delighted to hear that Hans has been able to make this happen.
    I'll add my welcome to Amy's.

  • Hans Pfeiffenberger's picture

    Author: Hans Pfeiffenberger

    Date: 13 Sep, 2016

    Dear Amy, and all,
    there was flurry of welcoming messages since yesterday and I do answer
    yours as, hoping to reach all others as well.
    So on behalf of the many Helmholtz people active in RDA WGs and IGs
    and/or regularly attending the great plenaries,
    I thank you all for your welcome and having us as a member.
    Although we managed to submit our membership application only just in
    time for this plenary, and are still working on the first version of
    declaring what our most pressing interests in RDA are, I hope to be
    able to present at the Organizational Assembly meeting(s) on Thursday
    - very shortly - who we are and what - if any ;-)) - is the common
    thread of interests of the very diverse Helmholtz centres.

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