Opportunity to participate at P8 and 23 August telco minutes

07 Sep 2016

Hello everyone,
We had a productive discussion about potential IG projects at our IG telcon on 23 August and we're following up today with a request for participation at our meeting at RDA Plenary 8 in Denver:
Call for participation: Act fast before Denver!
We would like to invite IG members to submit "project pitches" for community discussion at our IG meeting in Denver (Fri 9/16 12:20-15:00). There are a number of areas our IG could focus on developing guidance documents about-appraising research data? physical data rescue? digital preservation? what else? The speaker will introduce the topic and perceived need. After these presentations, we will break into small groups focused around selected topics to discuss how we might address them as a community. Presentations would be brief 2-3 minute pitches, no slides needed. If you are interested in contributing a topic, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dstt_cq97xmYOJQcKUFqtCvMBnmsoBkLBfUE...
Minutes from 23 August 2016 telcon
Request for information for TAB revisions
Getting Active in RDA webinar
Elise Dunham
Rebecca Grant
Laura Molloy
Sarah Ramdeen
Elise Dunham
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