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02 Sep 2016
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Dear Sophie,
this is a nice and rich poster. Please feel free to consider these
1. maybe highlight the "why" as you did for the issues and the
solutions. We can guess more or less some purposes from the picture
(more interdisciplinarity, reproducibility of science, more services for
end users such as breeders, farmers, decision makers, etc.) but it might
not be obvious for everyone.
2. add PIDs in the list of solutions as they play a key role in
3. maybe also add documentation in addition to ontologies in the list of
solutions. By documentation, I mean metadata, articles and whatever
other document. This is to echo an explaination François Tardieu
explaining during the PhenoHarmonis workshop that in the context of high
throughput phenotyping, a huge number of environmental variables are
beeing generated continuously. And while it is very important to include
them into ontologies, it might not always be possible to do it timely
because ontologies construction and updating are quite time consuming
and hard. But you maybe not mean to be exhaustive here.

  • Gary Berg-Cross's picture

    Author: Gary Berg-Cross

    Date: 02 Sep, 2016

    I see that there are uses cases in Edzale's slides
    ​ "​
    RDA Wheat Data Interoperability Cookbook and last developments

    ​The slide on ​
    Examples of use cases
    ​has 3 items of which the 3rd might be the easiest to relate to the
    conceptula model diagrams you now have:
    ​ ​
    Query on trial data associated with varieties
    Data types
    ​ ​
    Phenotypic data, GIS data, (wheat economy/production data)
    ​ ​
    To search wheat varieties with distribution maps, production figures,
    performances in wheat mega environments, associated projects worldwide plus
    layers of climatic data on specific wheat production areas and disease
    prevention information.
    ​ ​
    Phenotypic data should be linked to GIS data. Using keywords or ontology
    terms a system or a tool should be able to pull out such information from
    different websites/systems developed by wheat community.
    Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.
    Member, Ontolog Board of Trustees
    Independent Consultant
    Potomac, MD

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