Feedback from RDA TAB on Research Data Privacy IG Case Statement

29 Aug 2016

As discussed during the call today, we’ve received feedback from the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) on the IG Case statement we revised and resubmitted.
In general, the TAB is supportive of the group and its activities. Unfortunately, they would like to see two additional bits of information, which we discussed and made some progress on today:
Identify the persons in charge of the different task forces
ensure a sufficient geographical spread in leadership
During the call we set forward a plan to get the task forces organized and advanced during the plenary session in Denver. One aspect of the meeting will be an organizational break out of the IG into interested participants with a coordinator. Right now the plan is to have in-person participants organize into groups to come up with a) common definition of the group’s scope; b) a bullet list or a few sentences describing the outputs of the task group, c) a nomination of a task force chair (ideally from international organizations); d) a short description of the group’s goals and outputs; e) a date/time for a first meeting; f) ideal timelines for outputs.
The second issue we need to resolve is that we need to get an additional group member, who is not based in the US to step up as a co-chair. We really need someone from the community to step up into this role to ensure that the group is
As a co-chair the responsibilities we expect to be: participate in bi-weekly leadership meetings; help the other chairs coordinate the task forces; help organize plenaries; assist in interfacing with the RDA leadership on coordination issues and RDA rules compliance; occasionally speak about the IG and its efforts at RDA Plenaries and other industry events; help outreach and recruit members and adopters of IG outputs. The co-chairs will also participate in and support the coordinator of at least one of the different constituent task forces. We expect that this entire coordination effort will take about 5-10 hours per month. Grant funding can also support the co-chair’s participation in plenary meetings.
Here is the link to the feedback from the TAB:
If anyone would like to speak about these items before the plenary, please let me know.
With kindest regards,
Todd A. Carpenter
Todd A. Carpenter
Executive Director
National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

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    Author: George Alter

    Date: 29 Aug, 2016

    Hi Todd,
    I know several people in Europe who have been involved in privacy issues.
    Would you like me to reach out to them?
    George Alter
    Research Professor, ICPSR
    Professor of History, University of Michigan
    PO Box 1248, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248
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