Reproducibility related Sessions at RDA 8th plenary

26 Aug 2016
Groups audience: 

​​​​​Hi everyone,

I just noticed that there actually is a IG Reproducibility activity at the next plenary. I probably just missed the announcement, so in case you did as well: a joint session of IG Active Data Management Plans, IG Preservation e-Infrastructure and IG Reproducibility on "Tools Convergence: Integrating Data Management Plan and Preservation Tools" at Breakout Session 8. Saturday 17th 11:00-12:30 ( 

There are (at least) two more sessions which are somewhat related to reproducibilty, and I hope you don't mind the advertisement:

[1] "Container in scientific workflows and data preservation": 
    Photon and Neutron Science Community IG
    Breakout Session 2. Thursday 15th 11:30-13:00.
    It's really more of a discussion round, about usage and shortcomings of container in scientific data and software presentation, but ultimately closely related to reproducibility. 

[2] "Granule metadata and data flows in data sharing and publications": 
    Joint Session of the RDA/Codata Materials IG and the Photon & Neutron IG
    Breakout Session 7. Saturday 17th 09:00-10:30
    This session deals more with smart representations of scientific data, to make data transparently and coherently accessible, interchangeable, processable, publishable. Topics encompass "frictionless data" [4], HDF5 [6] and representations like ActivePapers [3] aiming at reproducibility. However, if one of this groups members could be tempted to put reproducibility into a more general context, we'd very much welcome your contribute to the session! Just let me know...

The sessions will have contributions and/or participation for example from, HDFgroup, Daspos project, possibly Docker [4-7] and (hopefully many) members of the participating Interest Groups [8-9], so there is a good chance for interesting and fruitful discussions to which we'd like to invite you to join and enrich the discussions.

Best regards, Frank.


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