RDA P6 Joint session between the Marine Data Harmonisation IG and the Data Citation WG

18 Sep 2015

Dear MDH IG members,

This is a reminder that there wil be a joint session between the Marine Data Harmonisation IG and the Data Citation WG next week at the RDA P6 plenary. The session is on Thursday, 25 September at 11:30 - 13:00 in the Jean Baptiste Amphitheatre

We plan to run this session in a workshop format with the objectives of:

  • developing a plan  for evaluating the outcomes of the Data Citation WG for the citation of dynamic data by the marine community
  • identifying a small number of potential use cases from the marine domain
  • initiating a process for reporting on the results of these use cases and the next steps that will be necessary depending on their outcomes.

If you have a potential use case for the implementation of this solution for the citation of dynamic marine data or are currently evaluating the outcomes of this WG we would like to hear from you during this session. 

Best wishes





  • Gary Berg-Cross's picture

    Author: Gary Berg-Cross

    Date: 22 Aug, 2016

    Will someone from Marine Data harmonizationbe willing to attend and summarize your effort and interest at the Domain Vocabulary Development, Standardization, Registration, Harmonization and Support Breakout  - Saturday17 Sept 11:00 - 12:30?

    The idea is that each domain group will provide a brief summary of their work and as available:

     relevant vocabularies, ontoologies, standards and  perhaps an illustrative use case such as harmonization and mappings between 2 or more vocabularies/ontologies and issues involved.

    We will also hope to have a community discussion of:

    • The state of vocabularies and harmonization, 
    • Common interests such as vocabulary development & services,
    •  Issues and best practice solutions in the domain vocabulary space

    It seems likely that discussion of common infrastructure, services and approaches will be helpful across domain groups and may lead to ueful liazing between groups.

  • Cynthia Chandler's picture

    Author: Cynthia Chandler

    Date: 22 Aug, 2016

    Hi Gary,
    thanks for the personal invite to this session. The answer needs to be
    yes - that someone from MDH IG will certainly attend. We'll figure out
    who would be best to make a presentation. There are several members of
    MDH who are heavily invested in vocabularies and semantics more
    generally, and a couple who are active in the Vocabulary Services group.
    We will discuss and get back to you ...
    thanks again, Cyndy (co-chair MDH IG)

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