Considering submitting WDI results for journal publication ?

26 Jul 2016

Hi all,
I take this middle-summer-cool-down opportunity to raise by email a
question. about publishing the results of the WDI group.
It has been discussed a couple of time informally but I don't know if some
did took a decision.
Should we consider submitting the results of the WDI group for journal
publication ?
There have been deliverables, products, and guidelines. RDA is made for
making people meet and work, but what stays over time (and are important for
evaluation) are journal publications.
I know a bunch of countries/organizations that will not restraint themselves
as we do when considering publishing ;)
We should not restrict ourselves either.
Esther, Richard, what do you think?
PS: In case everyone is in vacation. mid next week for me.; I will resume
the thread in September !
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University of Montpellier
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AgroPortal projects
Visiting scholar, Stanford University (EU Marie Curie fellow)
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