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22 Jul 2016
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Dear all,
In the shared RDA_Agrisemantics folder, you can find the minutes of our
last call on Tuesday, 19th:
As for our next meeting, please indicate your availability in the Doodle
This time, slots have been chosen to allow the participation of people
from Asia and Australia who had not been able to attend previous
meetings. Sorry for our friends from America.
The WG definition document is still open to comments
Kind regards
Sophie, Caterina & Panos

  • Sophie Aubin's picture

    Author: Sophie Aubin

    Date: 22 Jul, 2016

    Hi again,
    As I forgot to activate the time zone management option when creating
    the poll, I had to restart a new one :
    My apologize to Devika and Tom who'll have to refill it.
    And thanks Gary for notifying

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