FW: RDA meeting Biodiversity Informatics breakout - Deadline this Monday midnight CEST

27 Jun 2014

Dear colleagues,
Vince Smith and I have been discussing possible topics for the upcoming RDA meeting in Amsterdam as part of the biodiversity IG. There are a number of possible areas we might discuss which we listed below. Do any of these especially reasonate with you or are any other special areas you'd see included as part of the discussions in this IG breakout meeting?
- Identify cross-cutting activity areas with intersecting RDA IGs. What are the areas we might collaborate on or draw on their expertise?
- Identify areas of action under the overarching funding (EC H2020) opportunities and vision (e.g. modelling the biosphere)
- Interactions with relevant ESFRIs in the environmental cluster
- Virtual Research Environment (VRE) activities and roadmap for potential integration
- Sustainability and operational management of biodiversity data services
- Name resolution services
The deadline for submission of an application for a IG breakout group is midnight this Monday, so if we are to organise a breakout meeting we will have to do this ASAP.
Kind regards,
Dr Dimitrios Koureas
Dept of Life Sciences | Biodiversity Informatics Group
The Natural History Museum London
+44 (0) 207 942 5244

  • Vassilis Protonotarios's picture

    Author: Vassilis Proton...

    Date: 30 Jun, 2014

    Dear Dimitris,
    Thank you for taking the initiative to propose items for the agenda of
    the next meeting. Even though I did not have the pleasure to join you
    during the previous one in Dublin (due to conflicts with the
    agriculture-related ones), I am keeping an eye on the updates of the
    group. In fact, we had a related discussion with Yde some weeks ago and
    we believe that we found some common ground with the Agriculture Data
    Interoperability IG & more specifically the Wheat Data Interoperability
    WG, which aims to identify the research data-related needs of the
    researchers working with wheat (such as germplasm, genetic markers
    etc.). In this context, (at least) the last two items of your list seem
    relevant for the WG and of course we could explore synergies in other
    cases like points 1 & 2.
    Looking forward to joining you in the Amsterdam Plenary.
    Warm regards,

  • Anne Thessen's picture

    Author: Anne Thessen

    Date: 30 Jun, 2014

    I am interested in the first two and the last two.

  • Yde de Jong's picture

    Author: Yde de Jong

    Date: 30 Jun, 2014

    Dear Dimitiris

    Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry, my emails don't make to the BDI mailinglist (have to fix this).

    Two BDI IG break-out sessions have been requested, one at the beginning of the conference and a second at the end. A draft agenda can be found here: https://www.rd-alliance.org/filedepot?cid=175&fid=531

    We should take care to inform and involve relevant contributors and stakeholders already next weeks to secure a fruitful collaboration at the meeting.

    Further, when anyone of the BDI IG members have additional topics in mind for the agenda, please let me know.

    Also please inform me about potential working groups and outreach the BDI IG plans and activities within your communities.

    Kind regards,


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