Legal Interoperability review responses and revisions

10 Feb 2016

Hi all,
Attached are the clean version of the Principles, incorporating the
comments from last Friday, and the response to reviews of the
Implementation Guidelines. The latter have some redline changes and mostly
responses to the margin comments. You will note that I have mostly agreed
with the reviews and have noted a few instances in which we need to confer.
I am now working on the revisions to the text, based on the reviews and
margin comments of the Principles and Implementation Guidelines. Because
this text will be very messy, I wanted to first respond to the comments and
then copy that document for all the redline edits. I also will produce a
clean copy of all the changes, since the full redline version will be hard
to read. This way you will have all the changes in stages and can see what
was done.
Because I am dealing with all the review comments and all the document
changes at once for reasons of efficiency, it is taking somewhat longer. I
will therefore send the redline changes and the clean copy on Thursday. In
the meantime, please look over the attached documents and either be
prepared to discuss major substantive issues on the telcon this Friday, or
send an email with your comments.
Simon will send the logistical info for the call this Friday. FYI, I am in
Utah until the 18th.
Paul F. Uhlir, J.D.
Scholar, National Academy of Sciences, and
Consultant, Data Policy and Management
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  • Willi Egloff's picture

    Author: Willi Egloff

    Date: 10 Feb, 2016

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you very much. I have just one remark to principle five: I think
    the text should be "promote the harmonization of rights to research
    data" (instead of "legal interests"). The goal, as I a understand it,
    would be to have the most unified possible regulations of the rights to
    research data, although there might be different interests. Therefore,
    the objective would be to harmonize the rights, not the interests. Am I
    Best regards,

  • Paul Uhlir's picture

    Author: Paul Uhlir

    Date: 10 Feb, 2016

    Thanks, Willi. Yes, I agree that your formulation is more accurate.

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