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    Author: Fabrizio Gagliardi

    Date: 01 Dec, 2015

    Yes, Recommendations is the most commonly used term for this kind of outputs. I support this. FWIW.
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    Sounds good - Recommendations is very good and has acceptance in other fields.
    On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 10:13 AM, Parsons, Mark
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    I like "supporting outputs" but would prefer to stick with "Recommendations ". It seem to me to carry more weight.
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    On Dec 1, 2015, at 08:10, David Baker <***@***.***> wrote:
    Hi Mark - a great clarifying piece, thanks. I would suggest the following naming tweaks for consideration and consistency:
    1. Recommended Outputs (your Recommendations)
    2. Supporting Outputs (your Other Recognized Outputs)
    3. Other Outputs (not changed)
    This keeps the keyword Outputs and tried to convey what role the 'non-recommended' ones play in RDA.
    On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Mark Parsons
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    Hi TAB and OAB,
    There has been a lot of discussion of the types of outputs RDA produces. The Secretariat has been thinking about this, especially in terms of how we promote the outputs. Here are our thoughts for your consideration.
    RDA produces many different kind of outputs. The current RDA Output Policy defines three general categories:
    · RDA Recommendations—the adopted deliverables produced by WGs. They are the primary "social and technical bridges" of RDA. They undergo several levels of review and are ultimately endorsed by Council based on the community Consensus (draft paper ).
    · Policies, Case Statements, and Charters are the working documents of RDA and have distinct processes for their creation and management (see Document policy and WG Case Statement / IG Charter process )
    · Discussion Documents are essentially everything else.
    While it is appropriate to emphasize RDA Recommendations, other types of RDA outputs deserve recognition, and virtually all RDA outputs should be discoverable and referable. Furthermore, there is some confusion in the community on what to call all these things and how or whether they should be promoted.
    To better define what RDA produces and to better promote RDA impact, the Secretariat makes the following suggestions:
    · We should define three types of outputs for presentation and promotion on the web site and elsewhere: Recommendations, Recognized Outputs, and Other Outputs. (Polices, etc. are treated separately)
    o “Recommendations” are as currently defined and should be presented as the flagship outputs of RDA. We should specifically use the word Recommendation (capitalized). They are our equivalent of the “specifications” or “standards” that other organisations create and endorse. The process for creating and endorsing these is already defined.
    o "Other Recognized Outputs" (better term needed) are the outputs of RDA WGs and IGs that we especially want to promote as useful work of RDA, but are not necessarily adoptable bridges. Some current examples are the incipient legal interoperability guidelines and the “23 things a library can do to get involved in data management”. We propose that, upon request, these sort of outputs go through a community comment period and if no major objections or gaps are identified they get the RDA Brand. The Secretariat will make the determination unless a significant issue is identified.
    o Other Outputs include workshop reports, published articles, survey results, etc. Anything a WG or IG wants to register and report. Upon request, these are published and discoverable on the RDA website but have no level of endorsement.
    · In addition to the existing Recommendations process, the Secretariat would establish a process (form) for registering the other outputs to be listed in the Outputs section of the RDA web site.
    · Secretariat promotes all three types of output to the press and other stakeholders in collaboration with relevant WG/IG chairs.
    · RDA should adopt the generic term “outputs” to describe all the things RDA produces and use that as the generic term on our web site, promotional material, etc. This is not a perfect term and others have been suggested (deliverables, products, etc.), but “outputs” seems to be most broadly used.
    I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these proposals at a future meeting.
    -m. and the Secretariat
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