Second Face 2 Face Meeting of the Agricultural Data Interest Group

13 Aug 2013
Groups audience: 

Dear all,

at the second RDA plenary from  16. july to 18. July we will have  a  meeting of the Agricultural Data Interest Group.  It will take place on Tuesday  17th  September from  9 am to 1 pm at the Conference Venue  (Mariott Hotel).

I hope, many of you will be able to participate in person, but we will try to set up a Google hangout to involve also remote participants.  I would be good if you could tell  (as comments to this post :-), if you will join in person or remotely.

I would like to propose  an agenda as follows:

01 Discussion of the group Charter and Goals (should this really be limited to interoperability questions)

02 Discussion of the "Working Group" Wheat data Interoperability

Brainstorming about elements of the survey for data types and data standards

03 Further topics that could be brought on the agenda or on working group level

data policies

germplasm data

metadata and terminology

04 How to increase partecipation in the RDA Interestgroup

getting USDA involved

05 Report on related projects  (agINFRA, agriXchange.........)

06 How to exploit the possibilities of NSF and Horizon 2020 for data related projects

07 Any other business.

This agenda is only a proposal. Please comment!

  • Johannes Keizer's picture

    Author: Johannes Keizer

    Date: 26 Aug, 2013

    I just activated various new members of the list!  Unfortunately There is no allert if someone subscribes to the list. From now on I will make a  daily control.

    Please drop a line if you will participate in the f2f meeting in Washington or if you want to participate online



  • Odile Hologne's picture

    Author: Odile Hologne

    Date: 04 Sep, 2013

    I agree with your agenda Johannes 

    I think we should precise some output of the IG :

    - For me the IG is not limited to "interoperability" and it's very important to talk about "data sharing policy" and to produce such a document specially for our domain :  agriculture, food and environnement. 

    - We also should have a directory of relevant project (FP7 ICT and others) to be able to analyze the needs


    I'd think we also need to identify the network and tools to communicate and share information : CIARD, ....


    Unfortunatly I won't be in washington


  • Kerry Albright's picture

    Author: Kerry Albright

    Date: 04 Sep, 2013

    Thanks Johannes.  Looks good and I intend to join this meeting whilst in Washington.



  • Luca Matteis's picture

    Author: Luca Matteis

    Date: 14 Sep, 2013

    What were the outputs of this meeting?

  • Johannes Keizer's picture

    Author: Johannes Keizer

    Date: 14 Sep, 2013

    this meeting will take place next week Tuesday 17th am.  We will report here about the outcomes.  You can already look up the agenda

  • Vassilis Protonotarios's picture

    Author: Vassilis Proton...

    Date: 18 Sep, 2013

    Hi Luca,

    Please also keep an eye on the group's wiki - we will probably update it soon. I will also contact you for more details. Thanks for your interest. :-)

  • Luca Matteis's picture

    Author: Luca Matteis

    Date: 16 Sep, 2013

    Hello I'm new to this group. I'm wondering about the dynamics of the discussions. Is there a mailing-list or forum that I'm not seeing? Thanks.

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