IG-ETRD meeting at RDA6 23 September 2015, Paris (15:30 - 17:00) - Call for participation and Agenda items

23 Aug 2015

Dear IG-ETRD members,
Our IG's meeting at RDA6 is scheduled at 15:30-17:00 on 23 September
2015 (unfortunately only one session)
Initial draft agenda is included below. Laura will coordinate the final
agenda preparation.
Please send your proposal to the list and/or to Laura and me.
Looking forward to meeting many of you at RDA6.
Draft Agenda (initial)
IG-ETRD meeting September 2015, Paris (15:30 - 17:00)
1. Welcome and Introduction
2. Update on developments since RDA5
2.1. Progress on the "Defining data handling competences and skills
profile" - Report by TFs created at RDA5
3. Short presentations - TBD
4. Discussion of work plan
5. AOB, wrap up and close

  • Christopher Jung's picture

    Author: Christopher Jung

    Date: 02 Sep, 2015

    Dear fellow members of IG-ETRD,

    as you may know, our IG is currently working towards an updated definition of skills and competencies for data handling. 

    We're looking at data-handling skills needed for four staff groups: research librarians, research administrators, research infrastructure managers/operators and researchers.  Specifically, for each group we are not looking at the current standard job skill set but at the additional skills which are needed in order to work successfully with research data.

    Laura Molloy set up a page on our wiki for this purpose: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/education-and-training-handling-research-data/wiki/education-and-skills-data-science-wiki

    As you can see, we have input on research librarians, research infrastructure managers/operators and researchers. We welcome the addition of necessary skills on this page - please note your name in brackets at the end of your contribution.

    Preparing for the next RDA plenary (our IG meeting is on Wednesday, September 23rd, at 15:30), it would be great to discuss the following questions on this mailing list:

    • Are there any jobs missing that you think we should cover? 
    • Which kind of taxonomy or competence framework is the most suitable for our efforts?

    Let us have an active discussion on this list and conclude it in person in Paris. Thank you.



  • Veerle Van den Eynden's picture

    Author: Veerle Van den ...

    Date: 14 Sep, 2015

    This may be of interest to the group: our experiences with research data management training for doctoral students in the social sciences.

    In the last few years we've been finding ways to embed research data management training for doctoral students into doctoral training programmes. At the University of Essex, doctoral students can use their training credits (the Proficio scheme) to attend our training events, such as e.g. http://ukdataservice.ac.uk/news-and-events/eventsitem/?id=3879 

    Last December we held a 2–day accredited doctoral training course at the University of Ghent (Belgium); this made us consider assessment methods, and we opted to have students develop a data management plan for their doctoral research for us to assess:  www.ugent.be/doctoralschools/en/doctoraltraining/courses/transferableskills/sbs/managing-and-sharing-your-research-data.htm.

    Currently we have a FOSTER training programme with partners of the CESSDA network where we deliver 2-day workshops for PhD students at various European universities; http://ukdataservice.ac.uk/about-us/projects/foster-cessda-training/details

    Typically the topics covered during the training are: writing a data management plan, licensing data and intellectual property, metadata and contextual description, ethical and legal aspects of sharing sensitive or confidential data, anonymizing research data for reuse, data archiving and long-term preservation, and data security and storage.

    Teaching is delivered through a combination of presentations, practical exercises using existing datasets, discussions, and group work. 

    Veerle Van den Eynden, UK Data Archive

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