IEEE Smart Cities special session Call for Papers

21 May 2015
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Call For Papers
Special Session: Towards Standard Ontologies for City Knowledge,
First IEEE Int’l Smart Cities Conference, Guadalajarah Mexico, October 25-28, 2015.
Two important initiatives are converging at this time: Open Government
and Smart Cities. The goal of Open Government is to make government more
open and democratic by providing citizens and corporations access to
information about their cities and how they operate. Consequently,
cities around the world are pursuing an “Open Data” policy. The goal of
Smart Cities is to identify ways in which scarce resources can be more
effectively deployed to meet the needs of its constituents. Both rely on
the ability to represent and reason about city data.
The problem is that there are no standards for the representation of
city knowledge, in particular the open data sources that are offered to
citizens and application developers. Cities are publishing thousands of
datasets in a variety of domains and formats with spreadsheets being the
dominant format. The vast majority of the data sources are published in
their home language, not necessarily in English, often without
definitions or metadata, let alone in a machine-readable form. Secondly,
if the data are published using a syntax such as RDF, the choice of
vocabulary (tags) is often unique to the organization that published it
and may not even be standard within a city, a region or a country. If
the dual dreams of Open Government and Smart Cities are to be realized,
then we have to address the problem of defining standard vocabularies
and ontologies for representing metadata and city data in a wide range
of domains. To this end, hybrid approaches that combine top down
processes supported by standardization bodies and bottom-up approaches
that emerge from particular initiatives, cities and citizens should
contribute towards the definition of these terminologies, within the
environment of the semantic web where contributions are being made
globally and no single standard will prevail.
Suggested Topics:
• Ontologies for City Services, including:
• Emergency Services
• Social Services
• Health
• Recreation
• Shelter and Housing
• Water and Waste Management
• Transportation
• Ontologies for City Indicators, including:
• Quality of Life
• Sustainability
• Urban Metabolism
• Environment
• Energy flows, consumption, production
• Energy management
• Ontologies for City Knowledge
• Building and construction and architecture
• City anatomy, topology, organization
• Processes for ontology standardization
• Repositories and registries for storing vocabularies
• Multilingualism in City ontologies
• Trust, privacy and security in City ontologies and datasets
• Applications using city ontologies
Mark S. Fox Asunción Gómez Pérez
University of Toronto Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
***@***.*** ***@***.***
Technical Program Committee:
Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Chris Petit, University of New South Wales
Robert Rallo, University of Rovira and Virgili
Biplav Srivastava, IBM Research, New Delhi
Raúl García-Castro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Important Dates:
Paper Submission Deadline: June 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance: July 20, 2015
Camera Ready Submission: August 24, 2015

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