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21 May 2015

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Sujet : Fwd: [Rdaeu-wp3] RDA Outputs Booklet
Date : Tue, 19 May 2015 18:34:30 +0200
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Dear Esther & Richard,
For your information.
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Subject: [Rdaeu-wp3] RDA Outputs Booklet
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 18:18:29 +0200
From: Hilary Hanahoe <***@***.***-itservices.com>
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Dear All,
Please find attached the RDA Outputs booklet that has gone to print and
will be distributed from next week at a series of events in Europe.
A downloadable version will be available on the web sites (Global &
Europe) soon.
Thanks to all the people involved, group chairs, editorial team, many of
you and a special thanks to Herman & Timea who have been very, very
active in getting this booklet together.
Kind regards
Hilary Hanahoe
Director - Trust-IT Services Ltd
RDA Europe Coordinator - europe.rd-alliance.org
RDA Secretariat -www.rd-alliance.org
EUDAT Communications -www.eudat.eu
Cell: +39-345-4719284
skype: lunastella72
Twitter: @hilaryhanahoe
RDA Plenary 6 - 23-25 Sept 2015, Paris, France -www.rd-alliance.org/plenary-meetings/rda-sixth-plenary-meeting.html

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  • Vassilis Protonotarios's picture

    Author: Vassilis Proton...

    Date: 21 May, 2015

    Hi to all,
    Esther thank you for sharing the document with the rest of the Group; it
    can also be found online, through the RDA Website:
    It is well-written and useful for showcasing the RDA work.
    The presentation of the Wheat Group's background, current work and
    potential impact looks great - it is a great overview of the work that
    is carried out in the context of the Group so far! I am only missing
    (maybe in the impact section) the possible adaptation of this work
    (tools, methodologies etc.) to other major crops as well; I believe that
    if we had mentioned that, the impact would have much more potential. I
    am sorry in case I missed any opportunity for providing feedback on the
    text before it was published (so that I could have contributed my input
    Kind regards,

  • bryan rogers's picture

    Author: bryan rogers

    Date: 29 Nov, 2016

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