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19 May 2015

Hi Gail,
Your previous email from Texas rebounds the messages. Sop it does not seem to work any longer.
Hi,ve been holding the metadata pinciple 4 guidelines for a 15 days or so, just to see if you wmay want to take a look at them and refine/discuss them before we share them with the rest of the group. Are you already settled in CA?
Does anybody have Gail´s new email address?
Take care you all
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Para: Paul Uhlir; RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability IG
Asunto: [rda-legalinterop-ig] Notes from Today's Call - Next Calls 15 and/or 22 May?
Dear all,
We had a useful discussion today on Access and Reuse. Our next call will be on Balance, for which Willi has provided the text:
Please indicate whether you are available on 15 and 22 May using the Doodle poll. The objective here is to determine the viability of the possible 15 May call and the 22 May call - you are not being asked to make a choice between the two. We now have texts to discuss and can probably go back to the weekly schedule (except where calls are not viable).
Availability on 15 and 22 May:
Please find below my brief notes on today’s call:
What is the role of the appendix? Do we want it or not?
Paul > Need cross referencing and references to appendix.
Paul > Need a short section at the beginning on scope and audience. Broad! Researcher and institutions. Can be lawyers. Can be science policy makers, librarians and data centre managers. Need to address audience and scope in a preamble.
Do we have the right level of detail?
Some reference of how principles have been implemented by others?
Access and Reuse
Need to add the point that some data may already be in the public domain, and are not owned, and a waiver cannot be applied. In such circumstances, the data should be clearly marked as public domain.
Change ‘licence’ to ‘waiver of rights’.
Universal declaration of human rights: right to information. Did not specify that OA was a way of achieving that. Make distinction between the rights that are transferred and the right to information.
Cite declaration of human rights, right to access information.
Right to environmental information in particular forms is a right in EU.
Universal declaration of human rights > legislative rights to public information and environmental data.
Distinction between rights deriving from copyright and waiver of copyright and human rights, to avoid confusion.
Definition of the distinction between the right to do something and the permission to do things > deal with this in the equity section.
End Notes
Best wishes,
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