Next interim OAB call: Monday 17.3.2014 4pm GMT

08 Mar 2014
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
The next and final interim OAB call will take place on Monday the 17th
of March at 4pm GMT (5pm CET). You can import the meeting to your
calendars here
1.5 hours). We will circulate the link for the video conference asap.
In addition, under you
can find:
1. The draft agenda of the meeting (including approval of Membership
doc, election process and call for candidates)
2. The updated version of the Membership Document updated by Juan:
3. The latest version of the Member Agreement as created and updated by
4. The minutes from the previous meeting (5.2.2014) available at
(including a version of the document with all comments raised then -
Juan who will be chairing the meeting may come with more details on the
proposed election procedure and call for candidates next week.
All the best,
Bon weekend,
Juan, Leif, Mark and Fotis

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