Planning the next IGAD pre-meeting and meeting

30 Mar 2015

Dear all,
Thanks a lot for your contribution to IGAD at the RDA 5th Plenary Meeting, and to achieve its success. As we discussed during the plenary, the next edition will take place in Paris during the 6th Plenary Meeting, and we have a chance to enlarge the group and focus on current issues and challenges of the research data management in agriculture. For that, and as suggested by those that shared the discussions we had around the IGAD in San Diego, a pre-meeting could be organized to show case, discuss and foresee possible linkages with other IG and WG in RDA. And the IDAG co-chairs have moved towards this proposal.
INRA will support a pre-meeting on 21 and 22 of September at its premises. RDA has also welcomed the proposal. The structure of the meeting has not been defined yet - we are looking for taking decisions together with you - but according to the discussion in San Diego it should include sessions where institutions present challenges and achievements, and as a result to get an overview of what are the topics that IGAD has to focus on. As a starting point we have those that IFPRI presented in San Diego, which are the following:
1.) Increase data access and availability (formats, users)
2.) Interoperability (policies, tools, taxonomies, standards)
3.) Higher demand, has increased the need of user support
4.) Make data more valuable by working in partnerships
5.) Promotion of data hakatons, datatons, ideatons...
6.) Incorporate crowdsourcing functions
7.) Support the side of using open data
8.) Provide access to more granular data
9.) Training
This list should be more detailed and enlarged according to the results of the pre-meeting (e.g. advocacy and data related policies can be added). These results will be brought to the IGAD session at RDA (23 to 25 September) and discussed. Synergies with other IG and more participants will be explored. The pre-meeting should also consider to introduce the lessons learnt of the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group to help others to start new working groups.
As a first step to work together in the organization of this meeting, we have prepared a list of questions that would like to discuss with you:
1.) How many of you will be available for organizing this event and attend?
2.) How can we contact other institutions within the community and encourage the attendance? Shall we prepare a list of institutions that should be represented in the event and invite then?
3.) Using this list above, is there any other topic that should include at this stage?
4.) How many of you could provide some funding to facilitate the attendance of a representative from a developing country institution?
We would like also to suggest you to subscribe to the IGDA mailing list at (with a previous registration to the RDA website) in case you are not registered yet.
All the best,
Co-chairs IGAD

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    Author: Nikos Manouselis

    Date: 31 Mar, 2015

    Dear Imma and all,
    we would be glad to join such a preparatory meeting hosted by INRA.
    There are several contributions that we have in mind, therefore we will
    follow up with specific suggestions and proposed presenters as the
    agenda starts taking shape.
    We could combine this meeting with the activities of the Big Data Europe
    project of the EU (, inviting some additional
    key stakeholders working with big agricultural data. We could also
    invite some representatives of the European Commission and some of the
    key running H2020 projects.
    An idea would be to have a dedicated session within our meeting on big
    data & relevant technologies. Or if we feel that this is a bit outside
    the scope of the interoperability discussion, co-locate such a meeting
    with the IGAD meeting so that we have additional representation of EU
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