RDA/CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations Working Group (DSTS_CS-WG) Case Statement

19 Jul 2023

RDA/CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations Working Group (DSTS_CS-WG) Case Statement

Version 6, 28 June 2023



The vision of the DSTS_CS-WG is to contribute to a mapping and understanding of the scientific and (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) characteristics of data systems, innovative tools, and comprehensive services that contribute to reliable and resilient preparation, response, and recovery to crisis situations.



The mission of the DSTS_CS-WG is to elucidate scientific and ELSI features of data systems, tools, and services in relationship to the needs of scientists, policy/decision-makers, emergency responders, media, and affected communities by providing an overview of those characteristics and how they are expressed in the architecture, design, interoperability standards, and application of digital infrastructures to crisis situations worldwide.



The principal objective of DSTS_CS-WG is to create a listing of the specific data-related needs and challenges arising during crisis situations mapped to data systems, tools, and services (DSTSs) indicating their applicability, interoperability, and utility, with reference to the data value chain.

The following specific objectives will be pursued by the DSTS_CS-WG:


  1. identifying the digital tool needs and challenges by first responders, field workers, scientists, lab personnel, policymakers, national authorities, and communities during crises;
  2. identifying the DSTSs requirements to achieve interoperable, high-quality data, and easy to communicate information for crisis management;
  3. identifying DSTSs characteristics and attributes needed in their design, development, and deployment in crisis situations for the reliable and effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of information with reference to the data value chain;
  4. mapping these to the more general characteristics for Research Commons as provided by e.g. the RDA GORC IG and FAIRSharing; and
  5. developing a recommendation specifying the characteristics of DSTSs required to meet the needs and address the challenges in crisis situations.


The full and updated case statement V 8.0 4 Oct 2023 (post community review) can be found attached to this page.

The initial full case statement (V 6.0, 28 June 2023) can also be found attached to this page.



Review period start: 
Monday, 24 July, 2023 to Thursday, 24 August, 2023
  • Ryan O'Connor's picture

    Author: Ryan O'Connor

    Date: 09 Aug, 2023

    Hello co-chairs,

    This is a really thorough and well-described Case Statement. I have a few brief comments more on the technical aspects of the WG's plans (rather than scope or content):

    • Will all of the WG’s planned objectives and outputs be delivered as part of the RDA WG (i.e. with the intention of becoming endorsed Recommendations and/or Supporting Outputs) or will some of them be delivered as part of the CODATA Task Group that the WG is working alongside? I think a few more lines explaining the nature of the relationship between the RDA WG and CODATA TG are needed here.
    • More detail could be included in the section on UN SDGs. For example, a lot of SGD indicators and targets relate directly to crisis situations (e.g., Target 1.5, indicator 1.5.3, Target 2.4, etc.). More could be done to expand on how the WG activity supports specific SDGs/targets/indicators.
    • The mentoring programme looks interesting. More information on this would be useful as it could definitely be an approach that could be adopted by other WGs/IGs/CoPs.
    • On point 11 of the Adoption Plan, is the intention to form a (capital letters) RDA Community of Practice? If so, it would be good to outline how this WG will coordinate with other existing RDA WGs/IGs who are operating in related fields or domains.
    • Finally, a small point but I think Virginia Murray is part of UK Health Security Agency (not Health Science Authority).

    Please feel free to act on/discount any of the above points as you see fit!



  • Stefanie Kethers's picture

    Author: Stefanie Kethers

    Date: 15 Aug, 2023

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions, we will seek to incorporate them in the next version of our Case Statement.

    Best wishes,


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