Archives IG speaking slots for Plenary 18

28 Sep 2021

Hello archives group members,
You have probably seen the email notifying the group that our session proposal for Plenary 18 has been accepted. You can see the draft agenda here: Moving the past forwards: shaping our future IG to serve archives and records professionals. The theme of the session is how we should move forwards with the group and revitalise it to better serve the community's needs.
As part of the agenda we have two 5 minute slots available for group members to use, to draw attention to relevant projects they've been working on, topics they'd like the group to discuss or feedback on, or proposals for directions we should consider moving in. If you'd like to grab a slot please let me know by email - you don't need to prepare more than 2-3 slides if you do want to speak.
Additionally we'd like to crowd-source your topic ideas for the future work of the group - for example if you've always thought we should be thinking about website archiving, now is the time to add it to our list! You should be able to edit the wiki page on the RDA site here, if you're logged in:
Let me know if you have any trouble editing the page and I can update it for you.
We might not have time to discuss every idea at our next plenary meeting but it will be useful to keep a running list of topics and themes for future consideration.
Thanks everyone and we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!
Rebecca, Sarah and Laura, IG co-chairs
Rebecca Grant
Head of Data & Software Publishing
240 Blackfriars Rd
London SE1 8BF
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