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02 Apr 2021
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Just to add to this, ESIP decided not to recommend “resourceType” be used in the human readable citation text despite recommendations from DataCite because, as noted earlier, what a thing is is highly dependent on context. It’s more important that the resource type be specified more precisely in a machine readable way when the citation is resolved.
See ESIP Data Preservation and Stewardship Committee. 2019. Data Citation Guidelines for Earth Science Data, Version 2. Earth Science Information Partners.
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    Author: Robert Huber

    Date: 04 Apr, 2021

    Thank you Marc,
    this is indeed a very useful resource, I wished this WG would have produced
    something like that for 'standard data citation' in addition to the
    dynamic data citation case.
    What do you think, is there a chance to revitalize the WG and to do this in
    the near future?
    happy Eastern!
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