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By participating in VP16's Poster Sessions throughouot the week of 9 November, you have an excellent opportunity to share your ideas, ongoing research and accomplishments with data professionals from around the globe.

Through an interactive and virtual platform, poster presenters will have be able to participate in collaborative conversations and exchange of ideas with an audience of data practitioners, computer scientists, researchers, policy makers and private sector representatives, who are all committed to open sharing of data across disciplines, technologies and borders to accelerate innovation. 

By participating in the poster session during VP16, presenters will have access to a “microsite” where they can easily upload their poster, as well as other related documents and/or videos.  These microosites will be accessible throughout the meeting at all times, but will have dedicated times throughout the week where attendees can come to visit your microsite and engage with you.  

To participate in the VP16 poster session, please submit an abstract no later than 25 October 2020.  NOTE: We no longer require the poster to be included at the time of submission.  

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out the following week. Instructions will also be provided on how to access the platform and upload the poster and related documents.


Questions or concerns related to the call for posters can be sent to enquiries{at}rd-alliance.org. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in November for VP16! 

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