Dataverse 5.0 released!

08 Sep 2020
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Boa tarde, pessoal!


Acabei de dar uma olhada no site do Dataverse que tem uns 20 dias que a versão 5.0 do software foi lançada.


Documentação (guias) da versão mais atualizada em:


O que mudou em:


Particularmente, achei importante as melhorias abaixo:

"Download Dataset

Users can now more easily download all files in Dataset through both the UI and API. If this causes server instability, it's suggested that Dataverse Installation Administrators take advantage of the new Standalone Zipper Service described below."


"A Multi-File, Zipped Download Optimization

In this release we are offering an experimental optimization for the multi-file, download-as-zip functionality. If this option is enabled, instead of enforcing size limits, we attempt to serve all the files that the user requested (that they are authorized to download), but the request is redirected to a standalone zipper service running as a cgi executable."


"Administrators can now create groups based on users' email domains. "

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