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    Author: Peter Wittenburg

    Date: 04 Dec, 2014

    This is the draft version 0.5 of the White Paper currently being written. It has been created by the editing team and it is still called a darft version 0.x since it still has some areas that need to be more complete to make it a real White Paper. Also we would like to have a first round of discussions of all interested people. We should add that the terminology section has been taken out of the document, but we refer to the Term Tool from DFT WG where we are debating about the relevant terms:

    Please drop your comments on this version in this thread.

    If you want to add reference papers from other projects, use cases or sugegst demos please use the other threads.



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    Author: Andrew Treloar

    Date: 23 Dec, 2014

    Thanks for the chance to comment. 

    An alternative to diagram 2 that you might like to consider is

    Under the discussion of what the DFIG will do, I think it would be good to talk about the role of existing systems that already provide some data fabric functionality. I'm thinking here of things like Zenodo, Figshare, and Dropbox. We should not assume that we need to build everything, and we must recognise that researchers are already using these sorts of systems and won't want to change. So, we need to interoperate.

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    Author: Peter Wittenburg

    Date: 24 Jan, 2015

    We would like to encourage everyone who wants to submit a Use Case to make use of the attached template. This will make it easier to compare and analyse the Use Cases which is at the heard of DFIG work.

    Rob, Zhu, Peter

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    Author: Juha Hakala

    Date: 04 Mar, 2015


    Peter asked me to share these comments (sent first to him only) with DFIG.

    RDA might save a lot of effort and produce specifications which are more readily accessible for the non-initiated if DFIG uses relevant parts of the OAIS model and terminology. It is likely that OAIS-based standards will be used for data repository audit and certification, so it makes sense to use OAIS in data fabric specification as well. 

    All the best,

    Juha Hakala


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