Research Data Alliance: Ethics of Data Sharing

22 Aug 2014

<p>Dear Colleagues:</p>
<p>I know it has been a long time since RDA 3 in Dublin when we started this Interest Group, but I&#39;m finally at a point where I can make more movement towards getting it started. &nbsp;However, for reasons that baffle me, I can&#39;t find the list of people who signed up for this group in the spring in the RDA group. &nbsp;Could you please let me know so I can collect a list? &nbsp;</p>
<p>Thank you,</p>

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    Author: Andy Turner

    Date: 04 Mar, 2015


    As part of the UK Jisc Research Data Spring ( I have got involved in planning a project that if funded will look at classifying sensitive research data and mappping this onto storage options for these data at different parts of the research data lifecycle. The main output from this work would be some guidance documentation aimed at UK institutions and researchers that are to be disseminated by the UK Digital Curation Centre. The early phases of the work involve surveying the landscape and coming up with some clear and useable definititions. Community engagement will be key to the success of this project if it gets the go ahead. We are compliling a list of individuals and organisations to liaise with and hope that this is sparks some interest from here. Happy to follow any pointers you can give, read things and fire away on the group wiki. It is our intention to document the project using Google Docs with the occasional export to Figshare.

    We should hear back in about a weeks time if the initial phase of this work will get the go ahead. Sorry this is a comment rather than an email. For some reason, I could not find the email list for the group. Anyway, I hope you find this and are interested enough to have a look and feedback as appropriate on the draft project plan that is available for comment on Google Docs:

    Best wishes,


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