P15 BDI IG session summary

28 Apr 2020

Dear all,

a few weeks ago we had the virtual P15 BDI IG session which was very well attended. A summary of the meeting together with the notes and chat recording can be found here: http://bit.ly/BDIIGP15

Ely Wallis has created a summery and overview of the survey results (thanks Ely!), which I also attach with this message.

A number of people volunteered to revise the chapter to fit with the current needs and recommendations that have been put forward in the survey and session. I will share a template with this writing team so we can start working on the chapter revision and a cover letter for it.


Kind regards,

Wouter Addink








  • Yvan Le Bras's picture

    Author: Yvan Le Bras

    Date: 08 May, 2020

    Hi everyone, following the RDA P15 virtual session, I was not able to participate, here are some notes from my side, notably linked to GO FAIR BiodiFAIRse IN and French Biodiversity e-infrastructure work on EML and EBVs.

    Reading the notes I feel that there was really interesting exchanges, and if relevant, I propose here some tracks where maybe I can try to help and/or the IG can help our communities ;)

    If GO FAIR / French PNDB Research e-infrastructure ongoing work can serve to this IG, notably linked to EBV, biodiversity indicator production and/or metadata structuration of biodiversity data, please don't hesitate to come back to me to comment / ask more informations / share more details etc


    "Biodiversity data in EBVs: Positioning of biodiversity data in “data cubes” is unclear, standards and pipelines need to be identified in collaboration with the monitoring and climate research domains"

    • Here our EBV operationalization pilot illustration considering EBV workflow, so more related to the analytical part than data cube one, on a public cloud-based HPC open-source web paltform (Galaxy-E) :




    “make a list of initiatives we are involved or know of and categorize (semantics, collections, ecosystem services, etc) “

    • For data / metadata / analytical tools and related initiatives, maybe it can be of interest to look at BiodiFAIRse WIP work https://github.com/go-fair-ins/GO-FAIR-BiodiFAIRse around testing the access of available biodiversity data (notably for biodiversity indicator creation) and initiatives of interest. It will be a pleasure for me to help going forward on it, ameliorating both BiodiFAIRse IN / RDA IG resources.


    “BHL metadata handling”



    “the other issue is yes we have open data but it's not format it to specific standards (e.g DwC or CF etc.)  Example Fisheries data.  there is no interest to make it standardized to standards. because it's used for purpose like fisheries management stock assessment.”

    • Agree we don’t need data standards, but we need standards and here, I think notably using metadata standards like EML who can give so many details, for occurrence dataset as fisheries ones.

    Whishing you a good week-end!

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