Please participate to our survey of terminologies

23 Jan 2020

Dear colleague,
On behalf of the Research Data Alliance Working Group on Interoperable Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology (RDA WG I-ADOPT), I am inviting you to participate to our survey of terminologies (in English or in other languages) currently in use to describe observable properties.
I am contacting you because we believe that you (or some close associate in your team, project or community) have some valuable expert knowledge in this domain, either as a terminology provider or as a terminology user or both. This survey is a key step in our ambitious 18-month workplan to ultimately deliver a common semantic framework to facilitate interoperability between observable property terminologies and, as a result, that of their associated data resources.
I hope that you will see value in our activity and that we can encourage you to join the officially endorsed working group.
The survey can be accessed [here] and will need to be completed by 29th February 2020.
Many thanks in advance for your time and valuable input. Do not hesitate to use this email adress (***@***.***) if there are any issues you want to discuss.
Best regards,
Barbara Magagna
Co-chair of I-ADOPT
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